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Wine Spitting - how to do?

"Nasty habit young feller, you born in a barn?" and thus Josey Wales, as played by Clint Eastwood, is chastised for spitting by an old lady in the 1976 revisionist western. Wales, a Missouri farmer hell bent on revenge for the murder of his wife and son, spends much of the film spitting – he gobs on dogs heads, on his foes corpses and in one scene uses his gobbing skills to ward off a scorpion. Spitting is indeed a nasty habit, socially unacceptable in most day-to-day walks of life, generally and rightly frowned upon it is only within the context of the wine tasting room that spitting, and good spitting at that, is indulged without raising eyebrows. To the novice wine taster, the act of spitting a mouthful of wine can be a nervy affair, there is an art to it which we’ll come on to but spittle delivery is fraught with danger – splatter down one’s shirt, worst still, splatter down someone else’s.

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